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Preview: “Adventure Time: The Four Castles”


A first look at the upcoming Adventure Time OGN from Kaboom!

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Disney Infinity 3.0: Marvel Battlegrounds Playset Review [VIDEO]


All your Marvel Infinity figures can finally play together!

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BOOM! Sends Bill & Ted to Hell


I somehow completely missed the limited series Bill & Ted’s Most Triumphant Return last year, but recently read it and was really pleasantly surprised (it’s now collected in a trade that ships today, so you can catch up too!). I must have seen Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure a handful of times, and missed Bogus Journey (I was young and the robots …

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New DAREDEVIL Season 2 trailer hits!


You're one awesome trailer away from a really great experience.

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Starbound: Universal Exploration


I’m a huge fan of Minecraft. I’ve been playing since the Enderman/Mellon update fiasco, and I have gotten other people interested in it, including my own daughter. I like exploration and creation. I’m salivating on the chance to get ahold of Fallout 4 JUST to build settlements, but that’s another post. This one is about Chucklefish’s Starbound. I found this game after putting …

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Building Worlds and Games


When I began playing table top games, I was always delighted to play in someone else’s world. Be it through a creative DM or a published campaign, I was ready to go trouncing through worlds. When I was asked to DM a group while their regular DM was out, I did what anyone in my position would do: panic. I had nothing to go on, …

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‘Batman v Superman’ gets a new trailer, but what’s the tone?


I can’t figure out the tone of this movie, and it’s infuriating me. So much so that I don’t even have words to say about this. It’s not a bad trailer by any means, but both trailers we’ve seen so far have been all over the place. Worst for me is Jesse Eisenburg interrupting what looks like a very tense scene …

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At The Table: Apocalypse World


Role Playing. You either do or do not, there is no middle ground.  I’m not going to try and beat you over the head on why you should game at an open table or why you should find a bunch of strangers and kill things together – in a dramatic fictional kind of way. No, I would never try and …

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‘Storyteller: Dragons’ #1 is a pleasing done-in-one


A done-in-one tale is increasingly rare. A good one? Even rarer.

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‘Suicide Squad’ might not be as dark as you think


Warner Bros and DC Entertainment have spent the past six months or so hyping up Suicide Squad as the darkest, edgiest thing to ever be released, even claiming they made use of an on-set psychiatrist to keep the crew from becoming too traumatized. So it's with a whimper that the company tries to spin today's PG-13 rating announcement.

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All-New All-Different Avengers #1 – Not ready to assemble


New Marvel Universe, new Avengers. New creative team, new roster, new everything. That's just the way this works. But now we've reached a critical capacity of Avengers. With FIVE concurrent Avengers & Avengers related teams (All-New All-Different, A-Force, Uncanny, New, Ultimates), I can't help but wonder how many teams is too many.

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All-New Wolverine #1 – A clone’s destiny


When Marvel announced they were killing Wolverine last year, I was skeptical. After all, it's not only comics, it's an X-Man. Hell, it's THE X-Man. Even in death, Wolverine's an insanely popular character, so kudos to Marvel for sticking to their guns and letting Logan stay six feet under. But it's not the Marvel U without a Wolverine, and while they're cheating a bit by having a universe displaced Old Man Logan show up in Extraordinary X-Men, it's been decided that the mantle would go down to Wolverine's clone Laura Kinney, formerly known as X-23.

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‘Peep Show’ begins it’s final run tomorrow


I came to the party a little late for ‘Peep Show’, the cult favorite British comedy about all-around terrible human beings Mark and Jez. The show’s gimmick (the camera is perpetually shooting from someone’s POV) and dry, cutting humor pulled me in, but it’s also a genuinely well-written show with a lot of endearing moments (though they’re almost immediately undercut …

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Last Sons of America #1 – A better life for your children


Boom seems to be the place to go for dark, gripping stories about having a displaced life. The latest one, Last Sons of America, has potential to be the darkest yet. Written by newcomer Phillip Kennedy Johnson and illustrated by Matthew Dow Smith (Jim Henson’s The Storyteller: Witches, Doctor Who), Last Sons of America is an America which suffers from …

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‘Warcraft’ trailer has one glaring problem


I LOVED the Warcraft games growing up, and while I never really got in to World of Warcraft I’ve always hoped for a Warcraft IV proper. We’re getting a Warcraft movie instead, which seems to focus on the Orcs and their inability to evolve beyond warmongers as the humans fear them. There’s a possibility for a real story here. Look …

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