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Boom! fixes everything with Miller ROBOCOP Omnibus

I love Robocop. The first movie is, for my money, the perfect action film: great action, great cast, amazing special effects and, most importantly, it doesn’t overstay its welcome. The rest of the franchise may not have taken this advice, but the first film is perfect, in my opinion (though I honestly didn’t mind the reboot!). As other Robocop fans may or …

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Here’s some fresh JOYRIDE pages to brighten your Monday

I have had just the worst couple of weeks. Employment shifts, relocating an office, relocating a storage building. Holy crap, my back is still hurting. But things are cooling off and slowing down. Look for a few more posts this week, and hopefully ramping back up to regular (though what can really be regular for me?). Also look for FALLOUT …

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‘Nova’ ends with a bang and a bright future

I remember not caring much for Sam Alexander when he became Nova back in 2011. It seemed to me like a silly marketing ploy to sell more books to kids who were watching the recently announced Ultimate Spider-Man series. The stories were fine, ultimately, but he just didn’t resonate with me at first. But over the years, Sam’s become an interesting …

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Boom! goes into THE DEEP

Boom! Studios is prepping for New York Comic Con with daily announcements, and last night announced they were venturing into ‘The Deep‘. Originally published in Australia in 2011, ‘The Deep‘ follows a family of underwater adventurers, the Nektons. An earthquake hits the coast of Greenland, and the family goes into action after it leads to reports of monster sightings. Written …

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