Review: “Final Crisis: Requiem”

In the midst of all our making fun of Final Crisis, DC surprises us. Requiem is probably one of the finest written, most heartfelt comics I’ve read in years. Spoilers after the jump.

Two months after the death of J’onn J’onnz, better known as the Martian Manhunter, we’re treated to “Final Crisis: Requiem”. Detailing the final moments of his life and the impact on the DCU, “Requiem” serves as the perfect bookend to the end of the Martian Manhunter, a touching story for the ages. As the story continues, we learn that J’onn’s final act was to psychically implant the final memories of Mars into the minds of his friends, so that they may share it with the world. The story ends with a beautiful final moment, as we rest assured that the Martian Manhunter is finally at peace.

The art is simply gorgeous. Doug Mahnke’s pencils perfectly accentuate a well written story, and his rendition of the corpse of J’onnz is simply breathtaking. His final moments against Libra are also incredibly gorgeous.

Along the way, Final Crisis has been mocked, ridiculed, and second guessed. But Requiem is gorgeous, and I highly recommend it for everyone.

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