Review: “Batman: Cacophony” #3 (Of 3)

Batman: Cacophony #3 (Of 3)

Batman: Cacophony #3 (Of 3)

Writer: Kevin Smith

Pencils: Walt Flanagan

Inks: Sandha Hope

Colorist: Guy Major

The stunning mini-series by Kevin Smith and Walt Flanagan comes to an end…and hey, on time! “Batman: Cacophony” has been an exciting ride, full of laughs and surprisingly poignant moments.  Not too shabby for the guy that claims to be known for dick and fart jokes.  There’s beautiful art all around here, and the story (The Joker and Onomotopeia terrorize Gotham City) has been one of the better Batman tales told as of late.  Smith has crafted a unique tale, and this one’s final pages feature one of the most thought provoking and intelligent exchanges between Batman and the Joker to have quite possibly ever been put on page.

“Batman: Cacophony” has come to a close, but will likely be collected in a trade very soon.  If you don’t find this one at your local comic shop, be sure to pick it up in trade, as this one is likely to not only go down as one of the better Batman minis, but its likely this could be the first glimpse of Smith’s Onomotopeia as a major player in the DC Universe.

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