The Pull List! Swine Flu Edition

Hey guys, I’m feeling like crap. Its not swine flu, its allergies, probably due to the hay patch in my front yard *glares*. So, here is an abbreviated yet still awesome edition of this week’s Pull List. If you dig it, leave some comments!

Batman: Battle For The Cowl #3 (Of 3) — The battle finally wraps up, as we learn the identity of the new Batman.

The Brave And The Bold #23 — Booster Gold meets Magog.

Final Crisis Aftermath: Dance #1 (of 6) — Catch up with Japanese superteam Super Young Team.

Green Arrow/Black Canary #20 — Introducing Discord, a villain using soundwaves who was rendered deaf by Black Canary’ attack..wait a second, didn’t they already do this in Batman Bayond? Mmeh.

The Outsiders #18 — The Insiders continues.

Supergirl #41 — Last month, Superwoman was revealed. This month, find out how the hell that was possible.

Superman/Batman #60 — Mash-Up! There’s chaos abound in Gothamopolis.

Vigilante #6 — The “Deathtrap” crossover continues. Has Jericho succeeded in his plan to kill the Titans and Teen Titans?

Amazing Spider-Man #594 — 24/7 Part 3, as Spider-Man faces the all new Vulture.

Captain America #50 — Bucky recollects birthday’s past as he’s hunted by a mysterious assassin.

Punisher #5 — Frank Castle sets out to put an end to The Hood once and for all.

Thunderbolts #132 — Who is the newest Thunderbolt?

Timestorm 2009/2099 #2 — The journey through the new 2099 continues!

Uncanny X-Men #510 — The Sisterhood versus the X-Men!

Wolverine: Weapon X #2 — Wolverine seeks out the secret behind the ADAMANTIUM MEN!

X-Men Forever Alpha #1 — A reprinting of X-Men #1-3 as we prepare for the upcoming X-Men Forever.

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