Batgirl Speculation Continues!

SOURCE: The Source » Let’s speculate a bit more about BATGIRL, shall we?.

DC has decided to tease us a bit more about who the new Batgirl is, releasing its second teaser image.

As opposed to the first one, this image features (presumably) the new Batgirl wearing the classic Barbara Gordon costume, though the boots are a little different. Its pretty sad, but the identity of the new Batgirl seems to have become a bigger mystery for the titles than who the new Batman was.

Batgirl #1 is slated to arrive this August.

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  1. I know I said it could be Bette Kane before, and I stand by that, but I’m also hoping it’s Steph Brown. Babs Gordon would be taking a step backward, and Cass Cain just doesn’t deserve to wear the cowl anymore, but going from Spoiler to Batgirl seems like a step up for Stephanie.

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