“Amazing Spider-Man Annual” #36 Review

Amazing Spider-Man Annual #36

Peter Parker Must Die!

Writer: Marc Guggenheim

Pencils: Pat Olliffe

Inker: Pat Olliffe w/ Lanning

Colors: Antonio Fabela

The latest Spider-wedding is upon us, and this annual sets up for that, an upcoming storyline, and probably the coolest twist on a hated Spider-Man story.  Spoilers within!

Its the engagement party for J. Jonah Jameson Sr. and May Parker, and Peter Parker is taking his time annoying the shit out of JJJ Jr., meets the family he never knew he had (and has some somewhat concerning moments with his cousins), and manages to make himself the outcast of the family.  Oh, yeah, and he’s attacked by a homicidal nut named Raptor who wants to kill Peter Parker.  Except, after a knock down drag-out fight through all of Boston, we learn he doesn’t want to kill Peter Parker; he wants to kill Ben Reilly!

Yes, the infamous Clone Saga is back in full swing, as Peter learns of the past sins of the man we long thought was the one, true Spider-Man.  Clone Saga is the one thing that Marvel editorial have continually insisted was completely changed by the events of One More Day/Brand New Day, but up until now we’ve found out nothing of the sort.  And now, we know that Ben may be responsible for taking the life of an entire family.

And dammit, I’m hooked.

Maybe its because I didn’t follow the Clone Saga and just got the cliff notes.  Maybe its because I can see that Clone Saga is a good concept that had horrible, overdrawn execution.  But the implications presented here about Ben Reilly, and the ramifications they’ll have for the life of Peter Parker, are just wonderful.  It doesn’t hurt that the story is a blast, with the narrative going back and forth between Peter and Raptor.  His interactions during the fight, his whitty quips, and the awkward moments with his own family are all top notch.  And Peter constantly harassing Jonah, calling him bro and teasing him about being family, is entertaining to no end.  Art’s beautiful, and that’s really all there is to say about it.  Its a great art that evokes the classic styles of John Romita Jr and coming off shiny and beautiful.  The fight with Raptor is lively, fun and exciting, and never once feels stale.

This is a great issue, plain and simple.  With the wedding in two weeks and the Clone Saga about to take front and center in the Spider-Man universe for a little while, I cannot recommend this enough.  Its classic Spidey, solid and fun throughout.  Amazing Spider-Man Annual #36 gets an A.

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