Live blog! Hell’s Kitchen 6×02

I had a new Twitter LiveBlogging app to test out and an episode of this season of Hell’s Kitchen to watch.  We call that destiny.  Enjoy!

10:01:58 PM: What can I say? I’m kinda obsessed with Hell’s Kitchen, and I need to test out a live blogging ap. So, here we go. I’m watching on HULU

10:03:13 PM: Cymbalta long form ad in lieu of ads during the show. Depression hurts, trade it for dry mouth and constipation!

10:03:55 PM: I really hate the men’s team this year. It’s all Brodudes. And then, on top of that…fucking Robert comes back.

10:04:12 PM: Seriously, I hate that he had to leave because of heart problems, but damn he annoyed the shit out of me last season.

10:04:52 PM: Every year, the cook’s grow more incompetent and the series’ production seems to grow more over the top.

10:06:17 PM: The majority of the ladies team this season seems pretty airheaded. Tec seems to have her head on straight, but everyone else is spaced out

10:07:45 PM: See what I mean about over production? Bloody hell. It’s RAINING shrimp. That’s not needed.

10:08:50 PM: I feel for them though, I’ve had to work with shrimp before. It’s never fun.

10:09:43 PM: Huh. The @ replies don’t show up in the Liveblog. That’s good to know.

10:10:18 PM: Of course, comments and such do. Things to bear in mind.

10:10:45 PM: Lol, sorry, you might not have made it! Unless it’s the screwed up follow thing lately. Maybe it is, @seansheehan, we will find out soon!

10:11:08 PM: This one’s in the bag! I made these shrimp my BITCH!

10:11:17 PM: Annnnnnd he got all of 4.

10:12:22 PM: @seansheehan True that.

10:12:52 PM: Hey, so if I do an @ reply, it doesn’t show, but if I type the screenname in mid tweet, it shows. Useful! I guess.

10:13:27 PM: Last episode, Tony was talking about flavor explosions in his mouth. I think he enjoys explosions in his mouth, if you know what I mean.

10:13:44 PM: DON’T THREATEN JEAN PHILLIPE! He will serve you!

10:15:12 PM: “Since your team did not clean enough shrimp, you’re going to spend the day cleaning shrimp!” Ouch. I think I’d have to walk out.

10:16:16 PM: “I know these lemons better than some people I’ve slept with.” WHOA, WHOA, WHAT

10:17:24 PM: What’s sad is, despite these cooks being incompetent, they’re a lot more realistic. Cooks tend to be angry, angry people in my experience.

10:18:25 PM: What’s with this Chris Evans-looking prick being such a douche?

10:19:00 PM: “Yeah, what’s Gordon Ramsey know? I mean, he’s just got 4 TV shows and numerous restaurants with critical acclaim and shit tons of money.”

10:20:40 PM: “Andigottacutthegrapefruitandhecomesoverandcutsitformeandi’mlikec’monicancutagrapefruityoudon’tgottadoitforme GAH” I already hate this guy.

10:21:32 PM: I don’t know if you guys knew this, but Van has CHARISMA! CHARISMA! CHARISMA! Oh, he’s from Texas? That’s what that is…

10:23:20 PM: Every season I’ve seen, the chef’s are excited for 20 minutes of episode 1, then spend the rest of the season cursing under their breath.

10:24:41 PM: “Scallops? Yes, Scallops. This sounds good. Who cares that no one asked, I just want to cook some effin’ scallops!”

10:26:13 PM: “I can cook anything!” Dude has as much, if not less, kitchen experience than I do. I promise you he doesn’t know how to cook a scallop.

10:26:43 PM: Oh, Robert. They gave you a second chance, but seem to have forgotten that you’re scatterbrained.

10:28:17 PM: Did this guy just deliver to the wrong table? Epic fail, Texan.

10:29:09 PM: Did he just say the shrimp is “Van-licious”? Right before dropping it on the floor? Twice? Oy.


10:32:23 PM: Well, that war was so awesome, it took my Internet down for a second. Hrm.

10:34:13 PM: Gordon Ramsay is stepping in for peace negotiations between Texas and Belgium.

10:34:46 PM: Maybe we should send Ramsay to the Middle East?

10:36:39 PM: Chicken’s hard for me to cook too, but c’mon guys, you’re professionals!

10:37:34 PM: I think the ladies team has one bitch for every brodude on the mens team.

10:39:31 PM: If you’re going to take initiative and take over someone else’s station, please make sure you know how to actually cook.

10:41:31 PM: WOW. Stop cooking and send out shrimp cocktails. That’s epic.

10:43:36 PM: “I did a fantastic job serving raw shrimp to a pregnant lady and getting behind. I mean, I didn’t know she was a ‘pregnant’ lady.”

10:44:02 PM: My favorite chefs are the white knight ones. “I SHOULD BE THE ONE TO GO HOME I FUCKED UP TOO!”

10:44:46 PM: Lovely seems like a nice girl. It’s a damn shame she can’t cook and appears to be an idiot.

10:45:38 PM: Wow. I hope we keep Van around, this is entertaining. “I’ll punch YOU in your face! Suck my cock!”

10:46:59 PM: Everyone makes sure to point out that the raw shrimp went to a PREGNANT lady. C’mon. It’s not like it would be okay if she wasn’t preg …

10:47:51 PM: Jesus Christ, just say WHY they were nominated.


10:49:16 PM: Like I had mentioned to @DerkTheDerk, Gordon Ramsay was a professional footballer before he was a cook. I don’t think I’d threaten him.

10:49:27 PM: TO BE CONTINUED!? Oh, come the hell on.

10:51:13 PM: Anyways. Fun episode, typical Hell’s Kitchen, really hope that they get some competent chefs next year though. Also, yay, the app works.

10:51:28 PM: So, on that note, we’re done. You can read all the tweets at

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