The 11th Doctor (And Companion) Revealed!

I’ve recently gotten obscenely obsessed with “Doctor Who”, and it’s an obsession that’s slowly starting to consume Derk as well.  With the announcement that David Tennant would soon be leaving and Matt Smith would be taking over, fans have been eagerly scavenging for anything new related to the upcoming 11th Doctor.  Today, we’ve gotten our hands on the first look at the Doctor, as well as his latest companion!  Kind of a spoiler, so hit the jump! 

Matt Smith and Karen Gillan as The Doctor and Amy Pond
Matt Smith as The Doctor & Karen Gillan as Amy Pond

Sooooooo.  Yes.  I’m not entirely sure I’m feeling this outfit.  The last (and only) Doctor to wear a bowtie was Patrick Troughton’s 2nd Doctor, but maybe it’ll all work out okay?  He’s certainly got a 60s nerd look to him.  Dig those rolled up pants and boots, yes?  As for Amy Pond, well, the new tradition of young, attractive companions continues (The Doctor has good taste, yes?)

The 11th Doctor will be portrayed by Matt Smith, who is the youngest ever to portray The Doctor, an honor previously held by 5th Doctor Peter Davison.  The latest companion, Amy Pond, will be portrayed by Karen Gillan, who previously guest-starred as The Soothsayer in Doctor Who episode 4×02 “The Fires of Pompeii”.

Continuing its year long break, the next Doctor Who special, “The Waters of Mars”, is slated to air sometime in November on BBC One.

Edited to add…
I really don’t know how I missed this, but website Digital Spy has up a preview clip for The Waters of Mars! Good times! Click here to see it, as well as some spiffy pics.

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  1. I love it. I totally dig the “nerdy professor” look, bowtie and all.

    Although I still think that Patrick Stewart should have been the 11th Doctor.

  2. Mmmm Scottish woman. I keep saying I will start watching this show. Good stuff comes from the BBC.

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