“Deadpool” #13 Review

“Wave of Mutilation: Part 1″

Writer: Daniel Way
Penciler: Shawn Crystal
Inker: Shawn Crystal and John Lucas
Colorist: Lee Loughridge
Cover Artist: Jason Pearson

Everybody’s favorite Merc with a Mouth takes to the high seas in Deadpool #13. Hey, let’s face it, if you suddenly became filthy rich, wouldn’t you want to become a pirate?

After the strange ending of Deadpool #12, Deadpool returns to spend the riches he obtained in the previous issue. What does he do with all of that money, you ask? He becomes a pirate, of course! As silly as the whole premise of the comic sounds, I found it to be a rather enjoyable story and I must say I had fun reading it.

However, as fun as it was to read, I found it a little odd to have Deadpool go off pirating after battling with Norman Osborn in the previous 12 issues. While it’s true that this current arc could take him back in that direction, it currently seems like that was pushed out of the way when Deadpool was paid off. Personally, I hope Way decides to take the story back in that direction rather than just having Deadpool go on a number of “wacky adventures”. I also found it odd/disappointing that the much mentioned ending of #12 was only mentioned once, and even then it wasn’t really explained.

As far as humor is concerned, I must say I thought the book was pretty damn funny. This aspect certainly redeemed the sudden plot change, in my opinion. It would be really easy to write a Deadpool book and have every piece of humor fall completely flat, Way luckily avoids this and offers up a book that contains laughs from beginning to end.

Shawn Crystal handles the art in this issue and does a fairly decent job. The art isn’t awful or anything, I just felt that it didn’t “click” like Paco Medina’s work did in past issues. Crystal’s work seems to resemble a sort of “MAD Magazine style” of art that is there to inflate the wackiness of the issue. And in that sense, I suppose it does the job.

All in all Deadpool #13 does a great job of being a entertaining read. If you turn your mind off and forget the fact that it’s certainly different from the first 12 books, you’ll find yourself laughing along with every page.

Final Grade: B

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