On The Cover: Batman Beyond #1

Batman Beyond #1
Batman Beyond #1

I really can’t put words to just how excited I am for this!!  I loved, loved, loved Batman Beyond when it first hit KidsWB! back in 1999.  It only lasted for 3 seasons, but the series was really, really good, and the character proved popular with fans: he went on to cameo in Justice League Unlimited‘s second season finale, and made an appearance in the early issues of Superman/Batman.

Not only is Terry McGinnis returning as Batman for the upcoming Superman/Batman annual this summer, he’s also getting his own six issue mini-series this June, featuring covers by Dustin Nguyen, who has chosen a really nice style for the cover art that maintains the color scheme of the original series. Meanwhile Adam Beechen (Countdown To Final Crisis, Countdown To Adventure) handles the writing chores and Ryan Benjamin (who did some pencils on Batman during Tony Daniels’ writing tenure around Batman RIP) handles the art chores.

Batman Beyond #1 hits stands this June.

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  1. Written by the man who butchered Batgirl. I think I’ll pass.

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