“The Amazing Spider-Man” #625 [Review]

Every so often, old web-head manages to surprise us. Sure, I’ve been a supporter of Brand New Day for the most part lately, but let’s face it, Spidey’s been in one hell of a lull for the past several years.

But, every so often, an issue comes out of left field that catches us off guard, completely surprises us, and really turns everything on it’s ear.  This time around, it was an Amazing Spider-Man issue focusing on, of all people, The Rhino.

The Amazing Spider-Man #625

Endangered Species

Writer: Joe Kelly

Art: Max Fiumara

Colors: Fabio D’Auria

Cover: Marko Djurdjevic

Rating: ★★★★½

The original Rhino showed up a few issues ago, having retired from villainy and being hunted by a new, younger Rhino.  Though he had intentions of facing and killing the new Rhino to protect his new life and his wife, Spidey was able to convince him that it was better to salvage his new life and live in peace.

It doesn’t last long, of course, as the new Rhino manages to find a way to tear into the old’s life, leading to an explosive final battle and, of course, Spidey himself is blamed.

It’s the second chapter of the current saga that sees Peter Parker disgraced and unemployed, and the latest installment of the on-going “Gauntlet” which sees the reinvention of old heroes, as well as new incarnations of old names.  Amazing Spider-Man #625 is a welcome surprise, a well written story featuring a villain who wants to be at peace, and the dissolution of his life.  It’s a story full of heart, emotion and drama, all masterfully written and emotionally rendered by the creative team.

We love Spider-Man, and when he’s great, we love him even more.  Now if only someone could capture this lightning, bottle it up, and use it to give Spidey the solo title he consistently deserves.

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