The Pull List!: Event Exhaustion?

Events are easily one of the most confusing things about comics. They’ve been a constant factor in modern comics for the past 10 years or so, and most any fan would proclaim they’re sick of them (the legendary fan misnomer “Event Exhaustion”), but you can’t deny that event tie ins sell a LOT of books; just look at the numbers of the last issues of Green Lantern or Siege.

As we jump in to this week’s Pull List, there’s a whole new wave of events starting (X-Men: Second Coming begins in the last pages of this week’s Cable, while Batman And Robin sets the stage for this summers The Return Of Bruce Wayne), long before the old ones have even ended.  Regardless, it’s a decent week for comics, with some strong release  (and some not so strong ones).  Here’s your pull list for the week; remember, just because it isn’t on the list doesn’t mean it isn’t good.

Cover art to Batman And Robin #10
Batman And Robin #10

Batman And Robin #10 – Batman and Robin remains an entertaining read, despite the current treatment of Dick Grayson as a fairly inept Batman. Morrison has taken the character to new heights, despite his rocky beginnings with Batman RIP, and with the impending resurrection of Bruce Wayne and the revelation that his corpse isn’t really him, one has to wonder what’s in store for the series as it continues on.

Official Solicitation: “Art sensation Andy Clarke (R.E.B.E.L.S., BATMAN CONFIDENTIAL) joins writer Grant Morrison for an exciting three-issue arc titled “Batman vs. Robin”! Why would Talia al Ghul manipulate her son Damian into taking action against Batman? Will Damian do as Mother says…or stay loyal to Dick Grayson? Plus, more on the Domino Killer, Oberon Sexton, and the menace of El Penitente’s drug cartel! Is this already the end for the new Dynamic Duo?”

Cover art for Cable #24
Cable #24

Cable #24 – I still maintain my unabashed love of all (well, most) things X-Men in the post Messiah CompleX X-Universe. Now the final chapter of the Messiah Trilogy begins here, as the Homecoming arc draws to a close. Cable and Hope are fighting their way back to the present, but at what cost? Roster changes, new leaderships, and major deaths are promised as Second Coming begins.

Official Solicitation: ““HOMECOMING,” CONCLUSION This is it. The conclusion of the time-hopping action thriller launched in the pages of “Messiah CompleX.” After hopping around New York City in the past and near future, Cable and Hope are closer than ever to the present…which means that Bishop is more desperate than ever to stop them. No more hiding. No more plots. No more weapons. It’s coming down to mutant vs. mutant in the subterranean tunnels of New York, and only one of them will make it back to Westchester alive. You will not want to miss this issue, which leads directly into the X-MEN: SECOND COMING crossover.”

Cover art to "PunisherMAX" #5
PunisherMAX #5

PunisherMAX #5 – I’m of the opinion that Frankencastle is pretty wretched. Maybe it’s just me (I’m sure it’s not), but I’m not digging the whole Punisher as a Frankenstein monster angle; Marvel does remember what happened when they tried to make Punisher a demon killing angel, right? Those of us who remember the good ol’ days of The Punisher can pick up the Jason Aaron written and Steve Dillon drawn conclusion to PunisherMAX‘s first arc.

Official Solicitation: “KINGPIN,” PART 5 Witness the birth of the Kingpin. And witness Frank Castle at his most desperate and brutal. The first arc of PUNISHERMAX concludes with death and murder and more death.”

Also Shipping This Week

Action Comics #887

Amazing Spider-Man #624

Batgirl #8

Batman: Widening Gyre #5

Breaking Into Comics The Marvel Way! #1

Dark X-Men #5

Doom Patrol #6

Fantastic Four #575

Hulk: Let The Battle Begin #1

Human Target #2

Justice League: The Rise And Fall Special

Lockjaw And The Pet Avengers Unleashed #1

Magog #7

Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #21

Powers #3

Prelude To The Deadpool Corps #3

R.E.B.E.L.S. #14

Red Robin #10

S.W.O.R.D. #5

Secret Six #19

Superman: Last Stand of New Krypton #1

The Mystic Hands Of Dr. Strange #1

The Twelve: Spearhead #1

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #8

Web Of Spider-Man #6

Wolverine: Mr. X #1

X-Men Forever #19

X-Men: Pixie Strikes Back #2

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  1. The cover for Cable #24 is AMAZING. Definitely one of the best ones I’ve seen.

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