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Hey guys!  Welcome back to your weekly Pull List.  Yeah, things look a little different on the site now (or familiar, if you’ve been here in the past).  Like I said, we’re adapting our format and focus on the site.  Thanks to everyone who keeps coming to the site and sticking with us.  With our new host, new staff and a new direction, things keep getting better at The HomeWorld, but it’s only because you stick with us (though it wouldn’t hurt if you left a comment or two as well 😉 ).  Anyways, there’s a lot to talk about in this week’s Pull List, as we’ve got a lot of great books, so enough of my gushy rambling, let’s get on with this.  Don’t forget comics ship Thursday this week, due to Monday being a holiday.  And remember, just because it’s not on the list doesn’t mean it isn’t good!!

Avengers Prime #1
Avengers Prime #1

Avengers: Prime #1

Why You Should Care: A precursor to the current and upcoming events in their own books, Avengers: Prime reunites Steve Rogers, Tony Stark and Thor as Avengers for the first time in nearly 5 years.  It’s hard to believe it’s been that long since these three were on a team together, and it’s damn nice to finally see the Marvel Universe coming full circle after such a long journey.

Official Soliciation: “They were friends, brothers and teammates through all of Marvel’s greatest adventures, but recent events turned them into the bitterest of enemies. In the wake of the Siege of Asgard Thor, Iron Man and Steve Rogers are brought together on the same side once more, but these great heroes can’t truly trust each other yet. They better start soon because something only the Big Three can handle is tearing their world apart. This all-new, grand and dangerous adventure will catapult our heroes into the explosive Heroic Age and will unite comics legend Alan Davis with Avengers scribe Brian Bendis for the very first time.”

Hawkeye & Mockingbird #1
Hawkeye & Mockingbird #1

Hawkeye & Mockingbird #1

Why You Should Care: Clint Barton and Bobbi Morse had a surprise hit with last year’s Hawkeye/Mockingbird: The Reunion, and are quickly becoming fan favorites with snarky archery skills and sexy spy work.  Sure, they’re just a slightly more functional Green Arrow and Black Canary at this point, but at least they’re not becoming that level of a trainwreck yet, right?
Official Solicitation: “Hawkeye, the world’s greatest marksman is back—and reunited with the world’s most dangerous super-spy, Mockingbird—in an all-new ongoing series! The deadly duo defied every obstacle to make their way back to each other and put together the all new WCA team—but now the one thing that divided them years before has returned to haunt them: the Phantom Rider! This ancient enemy is out to destroy all our heroes hold dear, and is teaming with Clint Barton’s arch-nemesis, the obsessed assassin Crossfire, to do it! Writer Jim McCann and penciler David Lopez, the team behind the acclaimed New Avengers: The Reunion, reunite to aim the spotlight and crosshairs on Marvel’s terrorist-targeting tandem, delivering a monthly dose of classic threats, new enemies, shocking allies, unexpected twists and dysfunctional dynamics in the Mighty Marvel Manner!”

Spider-Ham 25th Anniversary Special #1
Spider-Ham 25th Anniversary Special #1

Spider-Ham 25th Anniversary Special #1

Why You Should Care: Spider.  Ham.  That’s all you need to know.  Also features appearances from Mary Crane and Doctor Octopuss, and the Swinester Six.  This is the kind of fun that comics should always be.

Official Solicitation: “THE TIME FOR NOT WAITING IS OVER – THE ORIGINAL SPIDER-PIG TURNS 25! When J. Jonah Jackal, Mary Crane and Pete’s beloved Aunt May are kidnapped on his 25th birthday, Spider-Ham must battle Doctor Octopuss and the Swinester Six! Six-to-one odds? Don’t get your tail in a bunch — when the slop’s on, this pig throws down — and Tom DeFalco & Jacob Chabot (X-BABIES) are there to bring it to you.Then, take a look into the many possible fates of Spider-Ham as the Assistant Watcher answer the questions you never really thought about in MARVEL: WHY NOT? – a six page Spider-Ham Extravaganza by Tom Peyer (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN) and Agnes Garbowska (GIRL COMICS). Finally, in the not too distant future, Swiney-Girl, the daughter of Spider-Ham, returns to face down “Crayfin’s Last Bunt!” by Tom D. and Adam DeKraker (MARVEL ZOMBIES: EVIL EVOLUTION)”

Red Hood: Lost Days #1
Red Hood: Lost Days #1

Red Hood: Lost Days #1

Why You Should Care: By now, you may have read our article Looking Back: The Resurrection of Jason Todd.  Now Judd Winick returns to the character he’s re-popularized to do kind of a Year One for Jason’s Red Hood alter ego.  Jason’s long been in a rut: despite debuting as someone angry that his death had been seemingly meaningless while remaining inherently good, lately he’s just been a bastard.  Could Winick’s mini be the one to restore him to glory?

Official Solicitation: “Judd Winick (BATMAN: UNDER THE HOOD) returns to write the adventures of Jason Todd in this special 6-part epic exploring the lost days of this misunderstood character. Learn what secret events led Jason on his eventual path of death and destruction. Guest-starring Ra’s al Ghul and Talia with amazing artwork by Pablo Raimondi (BATTLE FOR THE COWL: THE UNDERGROUND, X-Factor).”

Superman/Batman Annual #4
Superman/Batman Annual #4

Superman/Batman Annual #4

Why You Should Care: Saturday morning cartoon fans, rejoice!  If, like me, you excitedly tuned in to the Batman Beyond episode “Initiation”, then this is the issue for you, as the Batman and Superman from Batman Beyond team up to fight an old threat that’s striking close to home.  Oh, and did I mention it’s written by former VP and current Legion of Super-Heroes scribe Paul Levitz?

Official Solicitation: “Expanding on the hit TV show Batman Beyond, this year’s annual travels to the not-so-distant future where an aged Bruce Wayne oversees a new Batman, and the fate of a certain Man of Steel is very much in question. Metropolis is becoming crime-free, as someone is ridding the city of its criminal element permanently. Now, Terry McGinnis must uncover what’s happening in Superman’s home and face a very old and vindictive nemesis!

And don’t miss the BATMAN BEYOND 6-issue miniseries kicking off this month!”

Now hit the jump for the rest of this week’s releases!!

Also Shipping This Week

Adventure Comics #12 Paul Levitz pens a classic tale of Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes

Avengers Spotlight #1 A look at all things Avengers in the wake of SIEGE

Avengers: The Origin #3 The update of the Avengers origin continues, as Thor abandons the team.

Batman Confidential #45 Batman and the vampire Dimeter take on the undead.

Brightest Day #3 The tale of the 12 resurrected during Blackest Night continues.

Captain America/Black Panther: Flags of Our Fathers #3 Cap and the Black Panther take on The Red Skull and an army of super powered Nazis.

Darkstar and The Winter Guard #1 The Russian superteam returns!!

Franken-Castle #17 Formerly The Punisher, now retitled for this Franken-Castle mess that is hopefully nearing an end.

Heralds #1 Marvel’s greatest female heroes unite to battle a fallen Herald of Galactus.

Hercules: Twilight of a God #1 Bob Layton returns to tell a story of Hercules in the future, in this follow-up to his classic run on the character.

JSA All-Stars #7 The All-Stars bid farewell to a fallen comrade.

Justice Society of America #39 Mr. Terrific gathers the remaining members of the JSA for one final battle.

Nemesis: The Imposters #4 Final issue; Nemesis takes on himself.

Red Robin #13 Fabien Nicieza returns to Tim Drake, as Red Robin takes on a group known as The Socials.

Spectacular Spider-Girl #2 Spider-Girl takes on The Punisher in the continuation of this new MC2 mini-series.

The Great Ten #8 Who is the Shaolin Robot?

The Thanos Imperative #1 The solution to fixing the rip in space?  Some say…Thanos!

Thor and The Warriors Four #3 The de-aged Thor, Odin and Beta Ray Bill can only be saved by Power Pack!

Torch #8 How can the dying Jim Hammond defeat a monster who can control his own flame?

Vengeance of the Moon Knight #9 Moon Knight and Spider-Man team up to tackle The Sandman.

X-Campus #1 A re-imagining of the X-Men mythos, placing the merry mutants in High School.

X-Men Forever Giant Size #1 The X-Men take on The Imperial Guard!

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