THOR Concept Art Also Leaks

This is when it hits the point that you realize it’s not so much a “leak” as it is a “publicity stunt”, isn’t it? Similar to yesterday’s CAPTAIN AMERICA concept art leak, concept art images of costuming for the upcoming THOR flick leaked late last night.  However, unlike the Captain America costume, I’m feeling kind of mmeh about it.

It’s not necessarily bad (though the fact that we’ve yet to see an image of Thor’s helmet is a bit unsettling), it’s just that the style doesn’t mesh with the character.  It feels like they’re trying to give the costumes a layered, almost tech-like look so they look good next to each other on screen, but this gives me less of a Mighty Thor vibe, and more of a New Adventures of He-Man vibe.

Don't Act Like You Don't Remember This

The images are included below the jump, since they are technically spoilers.  Much like the Captain America costumes, the costumes are drawn and styled after the actor wearing the suit, Chris Hemsworth.  I don’t necessarily hate this one (or the Captain America costume), and I know that the suits usually look a lot better in motion on screen than in costume art, but the Thor costume feels like it’s missing some classic element that I can’t quite put my finger on.

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