Behind DC’s New BRIGHTEST DAY Teaser

Way back when they did 52, DC started doing these one off teaser posters.  It worked really well for 52, not so hot for Countdown (mainly because of editorial mandates changing the story after it was published), and Battle For The Cowls was a little muddled.  But, much like Rip Hunter’s infamous chalkboards, the clues within the teasers are always fun to decipher.

Yesterday, DC released a new one for Brightest Day.  Or rather, for the end of Brightest Day.  We’ve taken a little time to pick it apart, so here we go!

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Alright, here we go!

Construction Crane Constructs in the top left, made by Green Lantern energy.  Current GL Honor Guard member John Stewart worked as an architect when he lost his power ring, and his constructs are known to take on the form of architecture. to learn more.  The crane appears to be powered by Guy Gardner and Ganthet of the Green Lantern Corps, and Atrocitus of the Red Lanterns, and is lifting a green energy coffin.  Could be hinting at the impending death of John Stewart.

Hawkworld portal, releasing harpies and containing Hawkman and Hawkwoman.  The portal itself appears to be made out of Star Sapphire energy…which makes sense, considering the backstory of the Hawks.

Hawk and Dove holding the body of Jade, recently resurrected by the White Lantern.

The Firestorms Ronnie Raymond and Jason Rousche.  There’s a body underneath the rubble which appears to be the Black Lantern Firestorm, but are Ronny and Jason taking rocks off of it, or putting them on?

A Qward weaponeer’s shield lays discarded on the ground.  In upcoming solicits for Green Lantern, such a shield is shown being powered by the White Lantern.

Mera and what appears to be the corpse of Black Lantern Aquaman.  His rips are poking through his shirt, and he appears to be, at the very least, severely dehydrated.

Hal Jordan in the White Lantern battery, which is broken.  Hal’s bleeding from his ring arm.

The new Aqualad, who appears to be able to make constructs out of water.  Note the looming red eyes of Black Manta in the background; currently, the fan favorite theory is that the new Aqualad will be revealed as the son of Black Manta.

Deadman, in full costume and still wearing a White Lantern ring.  He’s carving the word RISE into a tombstone.  Maybe he’ll find some way to kill the White Lantern?

Magog’s staff, broken.  Can’t say I’m too terribly hurt by the hint of Magog’s death.

Captain Boomerang’s new energy boomerangs, laying in a pile.  They’re next to a bloody Welcome To Star City sign.

Martian Manhunter burning something in front of a tree with a White Lantern symbol on it.  J’onn is solicited to appear in upcoming issues of Green Arrow, potentially as an antagonist.

The Anti-Monitor is also looming in the clouds.

Did we miss anything?  Let us know in the comments.

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