So, this Previews cover has hit the Internet recently….

Previews -- Aug 2010
Previews -- Aug 2010

Here’s what I’m hearing: the plan years ago was that Araña, who first debuted in Amazing Fantasy Vol. 2 #1 and had her own on-going title, Araña: Heart of the Spider (it was cancelled after 12 issues), would eventually inherit the Spider-Girl title that has belonged to Mayday “May” Parker off and on since 1999.  It never came to fruition, but now we’re just waiting for the official annoucement from Marvel about a new Spider-Girl on-going title, starring Araña.

Of note is that the character’s codename in the books remains Araña as of her last appearance in Grim Hunt, and in her current team book Young Allies.  No clue if there’s a full on name change coming, or if the Spider-Girl title exists only on the cover for marketing.

Unfortunately, there’s no telling where this leaves May.  It’s likely that Marvel is considering wiping the character entirely, given that her book is the last remaining Marvel facet in which the infamously retconned marriage of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson still exists, though numerous editors and writers have encouraged jaded fans to pick up Spider-Girl as a continuation of that plot.  Currently, a Spider-Girl mini-series featuring the Punisher is wrapping up.

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