Personally, I’m super excited for the upcoming Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions game, though a lot of that has to do with finally being able to play as Spider-Man 2099 proper and not as an alternate skin.  But yesterday, the voice acting was finally announced and oh man, is it ever awesome.

Neil Patrick Harris is confirmed to be voicing Amazing Spider-Man, reprising the role he played back in MTV’s animated Spider-Man: The New Animated Series.  Though it’s been unconfirmed who will be playing who else, we’ve also learned that Josh Keaton (who voiced Spidey in Spectacular Spider-Man), Christopher Daniel Barnes (who voiced him in Spider-Man in ’94) and Dan Gilvezan (who voiced Spidey in Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends) will also be supplying voices.

Not confirmed who is voicing who aside from NPH, but if I had to guess?  Keaton for Ultimate, Barnes for 2099 and Gilvezan for Noir.

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  1. I did not know so many ex-spidey voices did this game. Thats pretty cool.

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