GHOST RIDER Sequel Shoots This Fall

The original Ghost Rider is a movie that was way better in the teaser trailer, I’ll admit, but it’s still one of Marvel’s movies that is way, way better than people want you to believe.  I dug it, much like Daredevil and Fantastic Four; not great movies, but still enjoyable flicks that aren’t terrible.  Besides, I think we all know what the worst Marvel movie so far has been.

But even if you hated the original Ghost Rider, there’s a lot of good news for the sequel.  For starters, David Goyer (who is part of the team responsible for saving Batman from development hell) is handling the script, which is currently titled Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.  The story aims to have a much darker slant to it, featuring Blaze trying to stop a gang of demon bikers from resurrecting the demon lord Zarathos.  This gets 100 times better if Goyer remembers that Zarathos is the name of the demon bonded to Blaze to form the Ghost Rider.

The only cast member confirmed to be returning is Nicolas Cage.  This is sure to give a few eye rolls, but on the upside Marvel isn’t following current suit and rebooting a movie that wasn’t a critical success.  They’re just going in a different direction.  It’s also in 3D, which I’ll gladly eye roll at along with you, since the 3D trend is currently doing little more than jack up ticket prices and make the screen too dark to see a thing.  No word yet on if any other cast members will also be returning, but we should find out soon; Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance starts filming this fall in Romania.

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  1. I’ll agree that Spidey 3 was bad, but it was not the worst Marvel movie. That honor goes to Blade Trinity in my book.

    I also enjoyed Ghost Rider. It wasn’t the greatest movie ever, but a fun movie nonetheless.

    • Oh wow, see, I had completely forgotten about Blade Trinity. I think that’s how I can put Spider-Man 3 above it as the worst Marvel movie to date. Blade Trinity was horrible, but easily forgettable. Spider-Man 3 sticks with you. I think a large part of it is based on the quality of the preceding movies. I’m not saying Blade and Blade II are bad, but they’re not on the same level as the first two Spider-Man flicks (in my opinion).

      • Fair enough. Although not better than Spidey 1 & 2, I did really like the first two Blade movies…especially Blade II.

        The point at which I almost walked out of the theater for Blade Trinity was when Whistler committed suicide and took out a bunch of innocent cops with him. While Spidey 3 has it’s problems, I don’t feel as though the characters were ever betrayed quite like Whistler was in Blade Trinity.

        The other reason I think Spidey 3 was better than Trinity was that no matter how bad the script was, most of the actors in Spidey were still better than Dominic Purcell.

        And finally, Spidey 3 still had Bruce Campbell who is always a joy to watch no matter how corny the scene is.

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