MAKE THIS GAME! “Star Wars: The Power Of The Force”

Power Of The Force

A lot of fans of classic Star Wars gaming feel fairly slighted recently.  Atypical game hero Kyle Katarn has all but vanished off the face of the Expanded Universe, replaced with new characters like Starkiller in the recent The Force Unleashed series.  But while the Force Unleashed series is regarded as fairly mediocre, it does have within it the basis for a great game, if given the proper formula.

First off, from Force Unleashed, let’s keep the action.  Sure, the camera needs a lot of work, but it did lock down the proper feeling of awesomeness when you dash through the air and slash through piles of StormTroopers with your lightsaber.  The emphasis it using Force powers was truly exciting, and one of the few things about the game that seemed to function as it was designed.

Now, to satisfy long time fans (and rabid fanboys), take the core of Force Unleashed, and set it in the world of the Dark Forces series.  Focus on building your character as a light or dark side Jedi, and give him various weapons he can equip.  Feature long-time protagonist and Jedi Master Kyle Katarn as the hero, burning through stages of enemies reminiscent of the classic Jedi Knight franchise.    Throwing in the run and gun action of the Dark Forces/Jedi Knight series takes this from all out action to frenzied shooter in a heartbeat.  Take the basic formula and pepper in a bit more of the classic exploration and puzzles, such as featured in the God of War series, and you’ve got an action packed, hell of a game worthy of the title The Power Of The Force.

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  1. I wouldn’t play this game.

    But probably because I loathe Star Wars. Otherwise, overall, it’s a cool concept.

    • That’s because you have no soul, Trekkie.

      Regardless of how you feel about Star Wars, both Dark Forces and Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight are hailed as perennial PC shooters. Highly, highly recommend them.

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