Hey, not every article about Archaia this week has to be a review. We could talk about the bigger news from a few weeks ago: that Archaia hit TUMOR has been optioned for the big screen. Couldn’t happen to a better book, either; Tumor is soaked in noir and compelling as all hell, and I for one look forward to seeing it as a film. That said, here’s an article I’ve been wanting to write for a while. You guys remember CASTING CALL, I’m sure; so here’s our Casting Call for the TUMOR movie…

Dustin Hoffman

Frank Armstrong Dustin Hoffman

An old, retired private investigator with a haunting past and a malignant tumor in his brain, Tumor protagonist Frank Armstrong is an everyman on his last leg looking to finally save the girl.

For our lead, there are a few obvious choices (Clint Eastwood comes to mind) but I wanted to do something different. Hoffman plays a great everyman, who looks just like Tumor protagonist Armstrong. Additionally, we’ve seen how well Hoffman acts in make-up, meaning he’s got a leg up if they decided to make him look younger for Armstrong’s flashback sequences.

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Paul Ben-Victor

Jimmy Polish Paul Ben-Victor

An old associate of Frank’s, Detective Jimmy Polish is sleaze personified, and is likely on the take for at least one local crime lord.

I love Paul Ben Victor’s work. He can pull off pretty much anything, and it makes me think he’s a great choice for Jimmy Polish. Ben Victor is a perfect fit for this character, and lights up the screen whenever he shows up.

Rosario Dawson

Evey Atwater Rosario Dawson

The missing daughter of a crime lord, Evey is the damsel in distress with a mouth that would make a sailor blush.

There’s something about Evey’s personality in the story that reminds me of Rosario. Don’t ask me what it is; I honestly couldn’t tell you. I think I like Evey a bit to a rougher, naughtier version of Rosario’s character in Clerks 2, but I could just be insane. Regardless, I think she’s a great fit for this role.

Thandie Newton

Rosa Camonte-Armstrong Thandie Newton

Frank’s long-dead wife. As the tumor slowly saps his life away, hallucinations of his wife begin to haunt his every moment.

I adore Thandie as well, and feel she’s very underrated. I’m picking her for this, and for her slight resemblance to Rosario, necessary for several scenes highlighting the severity of Frank’s sickness.

Chi McBride

Gibson Atwater Chi McBride

Evey’s father and a nemesis of Frank. He puts his differences aside to hire Frank to find his daughter.

This one was kind of a tough one. I could have gone for resemblance to Rosario, but that would be a tough nail. Atwater actually has very little, if any, resemblance to Evey in the book, so I’m going with Chi. He could believably be Rosario’s father, and he’s a large, intimidating man much like Atwater is portrayed as. He knows how to nail angry and intense, and could nail Atwater easily.

That’s just my two cents; I’m sure you all have your own ideas as to who should play who. So…why not tell me!? Leave a comment!! Let me know who YOU would cast in the TUMOR movie!!

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