REVIEW: Lucid #1

Lucid #1


Written By Michael McMillan

Art By Anna Wieszczyx

Ah, Lucid.  I ran in to a lot of snags with this title, sadly.  An opportunity to participate in a conference call with Before The Door’s was ruined by a faulty hard drive, and the actual issue itself came in the same batch as Starkweather: Immortal, and thus fell to a similar fate.

Lucid is certainly an interesting read; a kind of techno infused magical fantasy story, in a world that’s obviously had some love and attention paid to it.  McMillan has created an entire fantasy world, it would seem, and we’re getting but a brief glimpse in to it.  This fully realized world of secret agents, third eyes and magic spells is fresh and exciting, and lends itself to an exciting tale that feels like the remix of magical and legendary stories.

Especially of note, however, is Anna Wieszczyx.  The 19 year old up and coming artist from Poland has a unique art style, feeling like a blend of Saturday morning cartoons and Aeon Flux.  It’s a style that blends perfect with the writing, feeling just as unique and familiar as Lucid‘s high fantasy story.

Lucid is a fresh, new idea, and yet another wildly cinematic offering from Archaia.  It may sound like I’m getting redundant in these reviews, but the books I’m reviewing all have the same level of high quality across the board.  Lucid is no exception, and is definitely a must read for any comic fan.

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