The RAW Reactor #020 — C.M. Pu[N]ked?

CM Punk Takes Over The Nexus

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Derek was out sick last night, so Cesar and I went it alone.  After about 30 minutes of technical difficulty, we finally pulled it off.  Kind of a lame Raw, to be honest; The Miz and Lawler feud seems to be stronger than the Miz/Morrison feud that should be taking precedence.  Then there’s the C.M. Punk/Cena feud.  We’re huge Punk marks here, so we were pretty excited about it, up until last night’s turn of events, which seem to spell Punk getting demolished by the end of this feud.  We’re not terribly happy about that.  Listen to our thoughts and general nonsensical banter during this week’s RAW Reactor!

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