A Matter Of Opinion: First Look At The New Spider-Man!

Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man
Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man

I don’t hate the new look, but there is something a bit off putting about it to me.  I’m a big fan of Peter Parker making his own costumes, but this obviously wasn’t sewn by a high school student, and I’m not entirely sure why the texture of the suit seems to change about mid-chest (though it does appear to have some battle damage to it, so it may be shredding), and the whole thing does look kind of like it’s freshly painted and melting down his body.  But I do like the texture of the suit over all, and like that the web shooters are visible under the gloves (there’s a bit of bulky heft and odd metal bits poking out around his wrists, so I assume that’s those), and I think Garfield looks like he’ll be damn good in the role.  I’m on the fence and waiting until I see more of the suit to make the final judgment on the suit, but for the time being I’m digging it.

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