Archaia’s March 2011 Solicitations

Speaking of great new years, Archaia has kicked theirs off pretty well: they’ve been named top publisher by numerous venues, and 2010 saw hit titles like Return of the Dapper Men sell out.  In the meantime, we’ve gotten an advance look at Archaia’s upcoming March 2011 schedule; make sure you plan to snap these up before they’re sold out too!

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CYCLOPS Vol. 1 Collected Edition Hardcover
AN ELEGY FOR AMELIA JOHNSON Original Graphic Novel Hardcover


Retail Price: $3.95 U.S.
Page Count: 32 pages
Format: saddle bound, 6.625” x 10.25”, full color
Written by John Chandler
Illustrated by John Chandler
Cover by John Chandler

First introduced as a bonus strip in the FRAGGLE ROCK VOL. 1 hardcover collection, The Skrumps are back in their own special issue! This is the very first ever, full-length SKRUMPS comic by creator John Chandler, brought to you by Archaia and The Jim Henson Company. The Skrumps are a uniquely colorful troupe of hilarious characters that live in the imaginary world of Skrumpland. In this issue, the Mooch finds that his mooching ways might not make him as cool as he thought he was, and he gets rejected by all the Skrumps. So, he decides to start giving back by adopting an unusual pet in need of a home. But he’s in way over his head as he realizes this is maybe too much for a Skrump like him to handle!

All Ages


Retail Price: $5.95 U.S.
Page Count: 48 pages
Format: perfect bound, 6.875” x 10.25”, full color
Written by Jean-Pierre Pécau
Illustrated by Igor Kordey
Colors by Leonard O’Grady
Cover by Manchu & Olivier Vatine

The Amber Room. 1946. The world is licking its wounds. At the border of the two Germanys, a group of Jewish partisans are trying to move to the West to reach the promised land, aided by Erlin’s protégé, Curtis Hawk. In Princeton, NJ, a scientist opens a door to a parallel dimension. And in the ruins of Nuremburg, the Cold War begins, as the grand alliance between the Houses is shattered, and Erlin sides with the Allies, and Dyo with the Soviets…

Mature Readers (series contains Nudity, Graphic Violence and Adult Content)


CYCLOPS VOL. 1 Collected Edition Hardcover
Retail Price: $19.95
Page Count: 120 pages
Format: hardcover with dust jacket, 6.875” x 10.25”, full color
Written by Matz
Illustrated by Luc Jacamon
Cover by Luc Jacamon

In 2054, a man looking for work gets a job at a private military contracting firm that has just won a bid to handle the UN’s peacekeeping missions, propelling him into a highly sophisticated war broadcast worldwide by the soldiers themselves thanks to the micro-cameras in their helmets. But how far will he go in exploring the boundaries between war and peacekeeping, news and entertainment? From the same creative team that brought you the Eisner Award-nominated crime noir THE KILLERcomes this new look at war and the media in the near future… Collects the first four issues of CYCLOPS.

Mature Readers (series contains Nudity, Graphic Violence and Adult Content)


AN ELEGY FOR AMELIA JOHNSON Original Graphic Novel Hardcover
Retail Price: $14.95
Page Count: 128 pages
Format: hardcover with dust jacket, 5.25” x 8.25”, black and white
Written by Andrew Rostan
Illustrated by Kate Kasenow and Dave Valeza
Cover by Dave Valeza

In her 30 years on earth, Amelia Johnson has touched many lives with her compassion, intelligence and spirit. Now, at the end of a yearlong battle with cancer, she asks her two closest friends to take her final messages to the people who have touched her life the most. Henry Barrons is a cocky, Oscar® Award-winning documentary filmmaker whose demeanor hides deep insecurities. Jillian Webb is an acclaimed magazine writer with an inability to make long-term commitments. They set out across the country to fulfill Amelia’s dying wish…and end up learning more about her—and themselves—than they ever imagined. Authors Andrew Rostan, Dave Valeza and Kate Kasenow deliver a meditation on loving and forgiving those close to us in their moving graphic novel debut.

T+13 (contains material suitable for teen readers ages 13 and above)

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