First X-MEN: FIRST CLASS Image Doesn’t Actually Hit Web


If the X-MEN: FIRST CLASS image that hit the web today got you excited, then you’ll be remiss to hear that it’s not actually an official image.

UPDATE: Fox has indicated to MTV News that this is not an authorized image from the “X-Men: First Class” movie.

So here’s the deal: The image first appeared at earlier today, and though the page where it appeared was subsequently removed, The Hollywood Reporter has indicated that it’s legit. Even so, we’re still a bit skeptical about the shot, given the strong photoshop vibe coming from the image and how unlikely it would be for the studio to reveal this much of the cast at once rather than teasing out each character.

MTV Splash Page

While it is a pretty spiffy image, and it would be cool to see the group in blue/yellow togs reminescent of the classic outfit, this one came with a strong Photoshop vibe right off the bat.  Regardless, could the image and the designs be accurate?  Possible; a trailer was screened recently, and a lot of comments point to the Emma Frost outfit pictured being somewhat accurate so, while this isn’t an official image from the studios, there’s still a chance this is a somewhat accurate glimpse at the crew.

X-MEN: FIRST CLASS, which may or may not be a reboot of the popular yet somewhat dead in the water X-MEN franchise, is slated for a June release with Matthew Vaughn directing.

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  1. That had damn well better be fake. I vomited in my mouth the first time I saw it.

  2. um, hate to tell you, but “unauthorized” doesn’t mean “not real”, dude. it just means fox, like all movie studios, have a major hard-on to control every little piece of a movie, including the FIRST IMAGE from their big films. so “fake”? not so much. “unauthorized” as in “mofo, you weren’t supposed to release that yet!” more likely.

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