FLASHPOINT To Include 15 Mini Series Tie-Ins

So, today DC started FLASHPOINT FRIDAYS over on the source, wherein they tease the upcoming FLASHPOINT event.  And, you know, I’d figured it was just that: an event.  But DC instead seems hellbent on achieving epic, and has announced today that FLASHPOINT will include a mammoth 15 mini series tie-ins, as well as a number of one shots.

I really can’t begin to stress how horrible an idea I feel this is.  The primary complaint of events from any publisher is that there are far too many tie-ins.  FLASHPOINT is being proposed as a full on revamp of current titles, a universe changing event, but rather than having the event overtake the core titles they’ll be releasing 15 additional books tying into it.

As a comic book fan on a budget, I am somewhat appalled by this.  For a company that’s current marketing strategy is “Holding The Line At $2.99”, this seems like an ill fated move, and one that will most likely hurt the crossover in the end.  If DC isn’t willing to give FLASHPOINT their full support by allowing it to overtake the core titles, as is obvious the intention originally was, then why am I going to give it a chance by spending extra money on books that I wouldn’t normally collect?  Only time will tell if this is a worthwhile venture.

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