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I had received a copy of 9/11 Heartbreaker from Craig Staufenberg several months ago, and he asked if I would be interested in reading it.  I placed it in the review pile, intending to read and review it in my next big push.  It’s worth noting that his was an era in which my review pile was notably smaller and I had much more free time.  So saying that, you’re probably wondering why I’ve just now published a review of this book, and you may be wondering why this isn’t a typical HomeWorld review with stars and the such.  It’s because this is one that’s stuck with me, and one that I’ve been trying to wrap my head around how to review, but I keep getting baffled at how to word this review.

This is simply put a fantastic book, a wonderful story that those of us who weren’t there when the Towers fell can relate to more than we’d like to admit.  For as much as we’ve let it affect our lives, we don’t really allow it to sink in as much as we’d like to admit.  I’ll be honest, I’m 100% in that category; I know it happened, I remember vividly when it happened, but I honestly can’t recall the last time I actually thought about what it meant.

Craig’s story is one that comes from the heart, creating a beautiful story more akin to poetry than anything, a story of someone trying to grasp the meaning of great tragedy and realizing it doesn’t all hold the same meaning and weight for everyone.  It’s framed around September 11th, but it’s about the memory of the day, and what one person makes of those memories.  As such, I can’t give an earnest review of this one, because the meaning it has for me likely won’t be the same for you.  That said, I’ll recommend you read it.  Its’ a fairly thought provoking piece, and definitely one that will at the very least give you a new frame of reference when contemplating the many tragedies in our lives.

If you want to order your copy of 9/11 HEARTBREAKER, you can do so at the official website

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