ThunderCats Are…Oh. Oh God.



I get it.  Old things need facelifts.  The revamped HE-MAN AND THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE was pretty great, I’ll admit it.  So THUNDERCATS?  Maybe, just maybe, it’ll be awesome.  But this half assed anime ripoff style just isn’t going to cut it.  Remember the original?  Remember how Cheetara was your first crush (guys, you know what I’m talking about)?  She looks like a flea bitten shrew.  Panthro is bald and looks like Hudson from GARGOYLES, and….I mean, Christ, Tygra has a gun.

Despite the anime style and the presence of a Japanese animation company, THUNDERCATS is being designed for American audiences and the WB, and is slated to air on Cartoon Network later this year.

Super duper, not safe for dial up high def image here.

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  1. Why is Goku holding a sword? And why is his hair pink? Is this a new form of SSJ?

    Also, my first crush was Shaggy from Scooby Doo. Just sayin’.

  2. I saw this and wept. I was a huge fan of Thundercats when I was a kid and this as you so rightly put it half assed revamp just saddens me.

    I vote we ignore it and go on with our lives as normal!

  3. I am a little disappointed that my fellow THC lovers have reacted so negatively to the revamp. Childhood memories are just that childhood memories. We can’t enjoy the same thing as adults in the same way, not to mention that a whole new era of watchers are waiting to be captivated. An the kids now will not be impressed by the THC of old. That being said it looks promising, I am waiting to wowed again..

  4. Ok, Jericho, I don’t really care who is the next gen of cartoon watchers. Most adults today watch lots of TV, Cartoons etc because that is what we were raised on. The fact that this revamp caters to the “I wanna be Japan/China!” Nation that we have become is sickening. I love Anime, I love Manga, I do not like this. It is overly Stylized and takes the context of what is the Thundercats and utterly destroys it. Lion-O was not a child, he was at the very least 19 to 25. Panthro has fur, what is the need for the balding hair style? Tygra never had a gun, nor did he need one, Cheetara (Yes I hada crush on her and Teela) was not some tween with an eating disorder, she was a woman. (well a female cat woman anyway.) Sad to see it go the way of the Dodo like this, this cartoon looks horrible and I prey that CTNW fixes or works out something with the revamp team.

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