CYCLOPS #4 [Review]

Cyclops continues it’s run, as the consequences of war being turned to profit and soldiers becoming celebrities is further explored.  Doug, worshiped as a hero by the public, continues to unravel, turning to alcohol and women as he begins to realize he may actually be losing his mind; events that are pushed by memories he can’t seem to explain.

There’s an amazing sense of voyeur to this issue, as we see Doug’s world fall apart.  He’s drinking more, something he freely admits, and in a moment of weakness begins an affair with Lizbeth in one of the more explicit sex scenes I’ve seen in comics as of recent.  We’re beginning to see how the war is changing Doug, and how everything that drove him to join up is now falling apart before him.  As the mystery continues to deepen, we find ourselves as hopelessly lost as Doug is, the pieces of the puzzle growing father and farther apart.

Once again, Matz sucks us in with amazing writing, crafting a story that you can’t tear away from.  It helps that for all it’s high technology, Cyclops is a story that could occur at any given moment in our society.  Truly, how far are we from turning soldiers at war into our next celebrities?  In many ways, do we not already do this?  Luc Jacamon continues to deliver gorgeous visuals.  His pages are beautiful and fluid, and capture the essence of the story perfect.  We can’t say enough good things about Cyclops, other than you’re missing out if you don’t give this one a shot.

Rating: ★★★★★

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