The RAW Reactor #25: Turbo Charged Desert Rose

He'll Be Watching You...

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Sting didn’t show up last night much like everyone hoped, which is kind of a shame; I was really hoping for a Police reunion at WrestleMania.  What?  Wrong Sting?  Oh, right.

There probably should have been more mention of the fact that this is our 25th podcast, and that two weeks ago was the one year anniversary of the podcast, but the outrageous build up to Sting’s debut which was actually Undertaker’s return which was actually HHH’s return kind of killed that.

To those who were looking to hear Derek rant after Sting didn’t show up, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.  To those of you who were looking for Sting to show up, you’re probably going to be nodding and/or ranting right along with him.  All this, and a new theme song!

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