THOR International Posters Are Pretty Sweet

I’m noticing a trend here.

First, we saw the X-MEN: FIRST CLASS International theatrical posters, which were pretty cool.  Catch, flashy images that caught the eye and conveyed everything you needed to know.  Then we saw the X-MEN: FIRST CLASS US theatrical posters, which are already being called the worst posters ever made.

Stare at my crotch until you see a Scotsman. Yes, very good!

We’ve already seen a couple of THOR posters, and okay, the American campaign posters are pretty good.  I like the stark use of reds in the posters, while everything else is kind of muted; gives you a nice “hint of things to come” feel, while maintaining a level of epic.  But, well, then the International posters came out today and…yeah, they’re way cooler than the American ones.

[nggallery id=38]

I really dig posters like these: dynamic, colorful images that show off the entire cast.  They’re very reminiscent of the awesome IRON MAN theatrical posters we got for the first two movies.  Again, not saying that the American posters are bad, but we can all agree that the International ones are better, right?

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