The HomeWorld Is Becoming THE GEEK BOUTIQUE

We’ve been going at this full strength for about 2 years now, and all things must evolve. After all I’m using the same brand I’ve had since middle school, and it’s probably time for a change. Which is why over the weekend we’ll be changing to a new format, a new layout, a new everything and becoming THE GEEK BOUTIQUE.

Tentative Logo

The idea is to evolve. We’ve already pioneered a lot of original ideas, such as a dark skinned theme and a star rating system, and now we’re going beyond that. From now on, we’re simply going to review Nintendo games, Anime, horror movies and wrestling, in a bid to bring you the freshest content that everyone cares about. Beyond that, I’ll be hosting TheGeekBoutique podcast every three months, bringing you all the news that’s fit to care about.

This is surely an exciting time. We’ll be switching to our new software, PHP-Fusion, over the weekend, but I had to share it with you now. After two years, we’re finally going to be on the cutting edge of technology, and our team of interns, webmasters, writers, broadcasters, cameramen and image designers are ready to run a train of AWESOME on you.

About Christopher Baggett

Christopher Baggett has owned and operated The HomeWorld independently since 2009 after spinning it off from his previous concept, ‘The Anime Homeworld’. In addition to journalistic endeavors, he is an aspiring novelist. Arizona born military brat Christopher currently resides in the Georgia area.

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