The RAW Reactor #029: #ThankYouEdge


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The podcast started out smooth, and is still worth listening to. The storm in the area took out Derek pretty fast, and I was lost in the ether for about 20 minutes with no power, but we finished like champs. However, more shocking than that was the sudden announcement that World Heavyweight Champion Edge is now done.  Suffering a spinal stenosis as a result of a spinal fusion several years ago, it’s been determined that the Rated R Superstar will never again be medically cleared to compete.  At first I was almost positive this was a work, but following a painfully real segment and an advert announcing Edge would be surrendering the title Friday night on Smackdown, all signs point to this being a legit retirement. We’ve spoken of Edge in the podcast, and we’re all almost unanimous in the agreement that Edge has been past his time for a while now; a terrific athlete, but one who should have stepped aside years ago to allow for younger talent to emerge.  Regardless, he’s created a number of memorable moments and, despite a few missteps, has been a terrific mainstay of the WWE.  So we won’t be petty here; I won’t post a goofy picture of him for the podcast’s image, or speak ill of him in this write-up. I’ll simply say good luck, Edge, and we’ll see you next year when you’re inevitably inducted into the Hall of Fame.

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