“Arkham City”‘s Robin Revealed

We learned a few weeks ago that Best Buy was offering a playable Robin character as a pre-order incentive for Batman: Arkham City. No other details were given, but it’s likely that it’ll be similar to the Joker Challenge Maps for PS3, which allowed you to play as The Joker in a series of maps outside of the core gameplay.

Last night, they revealed their Robin.

[singlepic id=385 w=500 h=850 float=center]

He looks a lot like an older Damien, but earlier reports have already confirmed it’s Robin III/Tim Drake. ┬áThere was some initial backlash over how the character’s look is so drastically altered, but that seems to have simmered down. Ultimately, I think it’s a good look. Not too different from the comics, but definitely in line with the series’ grittier, more realistic feel.

Hopefully, we’ll see some Robin gameplay soon. Batman: Arkham City is out this October.

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  1. It is a little odd that he looks like Damian but is Tim… Don’t really care though cause I love Tim Drake as Robin! Is it too much to ask that if they do a third game we get some batman and Robin team ups?

    Super psyched for this game now! Just need to find which console will get the best preorder deal

  2. i blame Chris O’ Donnel for the shaved head… still cool. wish it had color. i blame adam west for that.

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