“Batman: Arkham City” Confirms Playable Catwoman

Here’s a very cool, very stylish trailer for the forthcoming Batman: Arkham City, which is not only enahnced with Lykke Li’s song “Get Some”, but also officially confirms Batman’s sometimes ally, always babe cohort Catwoman will be playable in the game, something which we already kind of suspected. The trailer was released for PS3 and Xbox 360 versions so, unlike the Joker map pack in Arkham Asylum, it’s a safe bet that Catwoman is playable on both consoles. ┬áThe trailer, embedded below courtesy of GameSpot, also includes our first look of in-game Harvey Dent, and the first clips of his voice acting.

I was already excited for the game, but Catwoman looks like a lot of fun. Seems like she’d zip up that top before she started doing acrobatics but, hey, comic book physics, right? I’d still love to have playable versions of Nightwing and Robin, though! What do you guys think of the first Catwoman footage? Is Arkham City shaping up to be everything you had hoped for?

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  1. That does look pretty sweet! I agree though, Nightwing/ Robin would be so amazeballs that our tiny minds would explode!

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