Daredevil To Be “Born Again” On The Big Screen

2003’s Daredevil film is met with an overwhelming “meh” by most fans.  The Ben Affleck vehicle did decent for a comic book movie of the time at the box office, but was filled with too many half realized great ideas and a terribly overacting Colin Farrell (that said, I still don’t think it’s that terrible of a movie).

Fans of the character can rejoice, however. Months after The Twilight Saga: Eclipse director David Slade was announced as directing the film, Fringe writer Brad Caleb Kane announced via Twitter that he’ll be writing the film’s script based on the legendary Frank Miller story Born Again.

Known for it’s gritty return to form for the character, Born Again saw Daredevil’s on-again, off-again girlfriend Karen Page sell his secret identity for drugs, knowledge which eventually reached The Kingpin, who used the information to systematically destroy Daredevil’s life piece by piece. However, the film has been confirmed to be a total reboot, with no relations to any prior films.

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