Fans Plan Protest Walk Against DC Reboot

There’s been a lot of mostly negative reactions to the upcoming DC Comics Reboot (which we’ve covered extensively), but now a group of fans have announced their intent to protest the new book with a rally walk.

If you’re really a fan of comics at all, I can’t stress this enough….don’t participate in this. Seriously. These are the kind of stunt events that do nothing more than fuel the negative image the angry fanboy, and will accomplish literally nothing. Save your time, and don’t wear out your shoes so quickly for a change that hasn’t even taken place yet; we’re not fans of it here, either, but we’re at least going to give it a chance before we vilify it further. Instead of wasting your time with this nonsensical act, why not instead spend your hard earned cash on some books you do like? There’s still a thriving independent market, after all.

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