The DC Reboot: Actual “Teen Titans” #1 Cover Leaked

Missed this one yesterday. We’d heard for a while that the Teen Titans cover released yesterday wasn’t the actual cover, but rather a piece of promo art. The actual cover was leaked to Tumblr, and artist Brett Booth has since admitted it was real.

Teen Titans #1There are, as you can see, a few minor costume changes on this cover piece; it is still largely crap, however.  Booth did confirm that Wonder Girl is Cassie and Kid Flash is Bart Allen, but no other information came with it, specifically nothing new on the three unknown characters featured on the team.

The final wave of books are expected to release tomorrow. We’ll have the covers and teams up as soon as they’re announced, and we’ll be running a gallery of every cover shortly afterwards as well. We’ll see you then.

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