The DC Reboot: Cully Hamner On Redesigning The DCnU

Here at The HomeWorld, we love Cully Hamner, and are sorely disappointed that he’s not in charge of a Question/Huntress team-up book in the DC Reboot.  But yesterday, he did finally get to reveal that dozens of the DCnU characters, including Mr. Terrific and Stormwatch‘s Apollo, were costumes of his own design.

It came out yesterday in a post on The Source Blog by Jim Lee, who was giving some brief details about the redesign process, which Hamner affirmed and added a little bit on to yesterday on his blog, Who Arted?!.  We’re still not huge fans of a lot of the redesigned costumes, but new Cully Hamner work is always great.

(Though, for the record, the Mr. Terrific costume looks 100% better when he draws it.)

Cully did also offer this tidbit of knowledge in response to a readers comment:

“Well… you haven’t yet seen the final look. Not sure it’s quite as different as you might think. In fact, a number of the images released aren’t final– not sure why, to be honest. Suffice to say, though, that some details will change in the books as released.”

Should be interesting to see the final looks when they inevitably come out.

Follow the above links for details, as well as a look at the Deathstroke redesign process. We’ll have more on the reboot, including the creative teams on the Superman-related books, as soon as they’re available.

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