The DC Reboot: “Superman” Related Titles Announced

The final titles in the DC titles have finally been revealed, officially confirming the Superman family of titles.

First up, we have Action Comics #1. As we had earlier heard, the book will be written by Grant Morrison, with Rags Morales on art chores. The first cover, which dictates a man in jeans, a t-shirt and with glowing red eyes, promises “tales of The Man of Tomorrow unlike any you’ve ever read before”.  Meanwhile, Superman #1 is still slated to be written by George Perez as we reported earlier, with art by Jesus Merino. Rounding out the releases are Supergirl #1 by Mike Green and Mike Johnson, with art by Mahmud Asrar which features a costume  that’s gorgeous from the waist up, but from the waist down absolutely hideous costume that makes no practical sense. Also, Scott Lobdell and artists R.B. Silva and Rob Lean take on the Boy of Steel in Superboy #1, which seems to be focusing more on the clone and sci-fi aspects of the character.

And with that, we know all 52 titles. You can check out a gallery of cover art for all 52 new #1 issues here, and be sure to pick up a few issues when they launch next September. You can read about the previous announcements hereherehereherehereherehere, and here.

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  1. I will disagree with the comment about Supergirl’s costume. As you are male, you have no idea what is practical for a woman, so you should probably not try to speak in that regard. This is a lot more practical than spiky high heel boots. The boots are damn clever. They look like they’ve got ankle support, a more realistic heel, and the open knee is ingenious, and anyone who has actually worn thigh-high boots knows why: thigh high boots restrict leg movement because of the over-the-knee bit, but this gets rid of it. Plus the boots are cute as hell. Yeah, I would say this is a great costume.

    • But they’re still heels, which would be uncomfortable for running in. And despite thinking so at first, I don’t believe the knees are actually exposed.

      • Every female superhero has heels of some kind. And trust me, I can run in wedge boots a lot better than I can in spike heels. Although for Supergirl I guess it doesn’t matter since she can fly. But I love them. I think the costume is great.

  2. I’m a Superman fanboy and lemme just say, those new suits are atrocious. What the hell is DC doing? The Supergirl one isn’t THAT bad but Supes new suit looks balls.

  3. That Superboy cover worries me. The Action comics one, well, let’s hope that version of the costume for Superman lasts only an issue or two. The Supergirl costume looks good, I can see the way that the cape on it goes giving it a kind of Superman X type look.

    As for Superman’s costume, as much as I am an advocate of underwear on the inside, I preferred his look before this. He’s Superman, he doesn’t need any kind of armour, unless it’s meant to give him some kind of protection against Kryptonite, which is doubtful, given his head and hands are still exposed.

    To be honest, IMO, DC should’ve left Superboy and Superman’s looks untouched. Well, I’m glad to see the back of Superboy’s hairstyle, but the costume was good. It comes down to ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’, and they’ve broke Superboy and Superman’s looks by trying to fix something that worked. All we can do is hope the looks of those two reverts very quickly.

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