Vegas Licensing Expo Gives Us Blurry First Look At THE AVENGERS

Fairly certain this wasn’t supposed to get out to the press yet, but at a recent licensing expo being held in Las Vegas, a picture promoting The Avengers was on display. In addition to our first look at Hawkeye in costume, the poster gives us a first look at at the redesigned Hulk, and an alternate, redesigned costume for Captain America, which features a tighter costume and a traditional cowl.

The Avengers

The Cap costume shouldn’t be a surprise. There were early rumors that he would have two costumes in the film: one he wore on missions, and one worn for publicity stunts. It’s likely the updated one could be received in The Avengers after he’s discovered.

Hakweye mostly resembles his Ultimate Universe counterpart, but does appear to have purple elements in the costume.

The expo also featured posters for Amazing Spider-Man and The Dark Knight Rises, but nothing with new characters.


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  1. Don’t care if this isn’t the final image… I just messed my pants a little. So Excited to see live action avenging going on!

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