Watch A Fight Sequence From GREEN LANTERN!

This one evidently was released last week, but totally slipped under my radar what with the whole “DC has gone batshit insane and rebooted everything”, but here’s a one minute clip from Green Lantern, which finally hits theaters this Friday. It’s been a long, highly criticized road for the film, but I have to admit…the action looks nice. The use of the ring is spot-on, and the suit actually looks really cool in this clip. The clip does kind of spoil the film’s big bad, but if you’ve been perusing the toy aisle (and really, how many of you don’t?), then it’s already been spoiled for you.

I maintain the film as a whole could go either way: it’ll either revitalize the space opera genre, or put a serious dent in DC’s “Unified movie-verse” plans. We’ll find out this Friday, I suppose.

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