Entertainment Weekly’s New AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Photos

We’ve been pretty vocal on this Amazing Spider-Man costume, but with release not quite as far away as you think and a trailer coming in just a matter of days, Entertainment Weekly has published a number of photos from the upcoming film.

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I’m still not really excited for this film yet. I’m fine with Garfield; he’s got the right build for the character, and he looks like he carries himself pretty well in the suit, but it just seems so…over-designed. The suit’s changes are nonsensical, with it’s inane MMA wrap around gloves, melting paint look and giant metal disc web-shooters, and everything else seems to carry a feel and aura of Batman and Robin with it.

There’s also this bizarre costuming notion that Peter Parker should look like a “punk”, and the shots of him with the skateboard are kind of off-putting. It just doesn’t feel like Spider-Man yet.

Plus, you’ll notice by the bits of costume in one picture that Gwen will evidently discover that Peter is Spider-Man by film’s end. Gwen’s presence also contradicts statements that the film wasn’t necessarily a reboot, although entirely invalidating Spider-Man 3 may not be such a bad idea.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a huge Spider-Man fan, so I’ll probably still be seeing this one opening weekend, but if the pictures are any indication, Amazing Spider-Man is going to be less than amazing.

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