Matt Hardy Arrested For DWI, RELEASED From TNA!

Is there a bigger screw up in wrestling than Matt Hardy? Yes, his brother Jeff. Okay, and probably many more, but The Hardy Boys have quickly become infamous for all the wrong reasons with their constant whining and very public battles with substance abuse. But while Jeff (currently still¬†waiting to go to trial on drug trafficking charges, a case which has received nearly two years of extensions) has been fairly quiet since he lost the TNA Heavyweight Championship in the now infamous 30 second match a few months ago at Victory Road, it’s Matt who’s making the news.

According to the North Carolina Highway Patrol, a trooper arrested Matt after he drove his car off the road and struck a tree. Matt wasn’t injured, but the officer noted he was “observing signs of impairment”. Many sources are reporting a blood test is pending, but TNA is having none of it; the company has already FIRED Hardy from the company.

Matt had only been with TNA since January 9th and only had one title shot against Sting, but failed to capture. On June 20th Hardy announced he was taking a few weeks off, but in actuality he was suspended by TNA because he was constantly late to events. As mentioned before, Jeff has been off TV since he appeared in a match against Sting at Victory Road 2011 and appeared to be under the influence. I hate to see them fall this far; I remember being a big fan of The Hardy Boyz back in the WWE, and they had a lot of really great tag matches…but both have fallen far into complete jackass territory, be it whining about old girlfriends and co-workers or ranting about what fans say about them online, so it is hard for me to feel sorry for them. Hopefully we’ll see the duo rebound, but that’s years away if even possible.

It’s worth noting that despite being off TV since March and his on-going drug trafficking court case, Jeff Hardy remains in the employ of TNA/Impact Wrestling, and is still listed on their roster page.

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