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Screw The Oscars, There’s A Live Action MASS EFFECT 3 Trailer

The latest in a long line of hype for the release of MASS EFFECT 3 in just over a week is a live action jaunt featuring a Shepard that doesn’t look like the one you’re familiar with, but has some badass armor and a sweet CG Omniblade.

This one reminds me of the last super awesome live action hype trailer I can recall, which would be 2002’s METROID: FUSION commerical (which didn’t have nearly as much of a costuming budget, but was still pretty sweet in it’s time.)

Seriously guys, is it March 6th yet?

About Christopher Baggett

Christopher is a writer and journalist based in the Metro Atlanta area. He's operated The HomeWorld since it's inception as "The Anime HomeWorld" in the early 2000's and restarted the project as "The HomeWorld" in 2009, where he has functioned as it's lead writer and administrator. He primarily writes about comic books and comic history, but also writes on gaming, movies and wrestling. You can find him on Twitter at @jcbaggee.

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