So I Go To Wal-Mart A Bit Ago…

…because I have no plans tonight and I’m going to pick up some junk food for a gaming marathon. Pretty standard day for me, ya know? As I approach the usual door, I’m greeted by a sign telling me that I’m invited to the Electronics Department for…what else? The wedding reception of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan.

I am dead serious, this is a real thing. Wal-Mart’s nationwide did a midnight release party that started at 11PM with a “wedding reception”. The one I saw composed of a long, long, long line of teenage girls, a big picture of Bella and Edward, a cake, and a guest book that people were actually signing.

Twilight Midnight Release Wedding Reception

I debated staying around for cake, but the manager screaming for security every five seconds got old pretty quick.

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