The HomeWorld, It Is A Changin’

I made mention of this on Twitter a while back, but changes were coming to The HomeWorld.

The bottom line is this: as mentioned, I’m super busy right now. Life has taken priority, but I haven’t given up on this website. And while the past year or so of themes have looked amazing, creating a post took A LOT of effort: photoshopping images to fit features, creating preview text, etc. etc.

It was taking away from what I really loved: writing about geeky shit. Every article became a balance of time, and whether or not I could put the effort into really making something look 100%. I’m not saying creating a new post took hours, but it took longer than it should have, and explaining to new writers how the system worked was pretty much impossible.

So now, we have this. Simple, clean, straightforward. No, it isn’t flashy, but you can read my thoughts and opinions and I can provide you with entertainment and information. Is this the final version? Who knows. This is my hail mary to get the site back up and running and this layout will, at the very least, be getting a number of tweaks over coming days, months, years, whatever.

This is my attempt to bring back The HomeWorld. Thank you for staying along for the ride.

About Christopher Baggett

Christopher Baggett has owned and operated The HomeWorld independently since 2009 after spinning it off from his previous concept, ‘The Anime Homeworld’. In addition to journalistic endeavors, he is an aspiring novelist. Arizona born military brat Christopher currently resides in the Georgia area.

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