DC Animation casts it’s ‘Dark Knight Returns’ Batman

Batman’s got a long history of voice actors, both high and low profile. You know Kevin Conroy the best from Batman: The Animated Series, or the younger readers may know Diedrach Bader from Batman: The Brave and The Bold, but there’s also been turns by Rino Romano, William Bladwin, and even Adam West got a go back in the 80s.

And now, with DC’s next animated feature being The Dark Knight Returns, an adaptation of the classic Frank Miller graphic novel credited with bringing the sense of darkness back to the character, we’re due for yet another Batman casting, this time for the Dark Knight as a senior citizen who thought he’d be capable of giving up the mantle of the bat. The choice? They’ve managed to snag Peter Weller.

You probably know Weller best as the titular character in Paul Verhoeven’s incredibly violent classic Robocop, but he’s had a great career as you can tell by his IMDb page.  He’s also busy this year starring in an as yet unidentified role in the upcoming Star Trek sequel. If you’re into playing Six Degrees, the last Star Trek film had Bruce Greenwood playing Admiral Pike; Greenwood voiced Batman in Batman: Under The Red Hood and regular portrays him on Young Justice.

The Dark Knight Returns, which is being released in two parts, is helmed by Man of Steel storyboarder Jay Olivia and written by Bob Goodman of Warehouse 13 fame. Also cast in the film are Ariel Winter (Modern Family) as Robin, Wade Williams (Prison Break) as Harvey Dent, Michael McKean (This Is Spinal Tap) as Dr. Wolper, and David Selby (Dark Shadows) in an as-yet unspecified role. Part 1 will be out sometime this fall, with Part 2 hitting early 2013.

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