Has Goldust Been Released?

There’s been a bunch of rumors floating around recently that WWE Superstar Goldust (birth name Dustin Runnels) has been released by the company. It’s worth noting these are just rumors; there is no official confirmation from the company. 

Speculation may be fueled by Runnels’ recently prompting fans to follow a new account on the micro blogging site, @DRHODES_SAYS. His current WWE account, @WWEGoldust, has over 180,000 followers and is one of the more active accounts held by a WWE Superstar. 

Runnels, the son of Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes and half-brother of current Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes, is no stranger to releases, having left the company in…

  • 1991 to join WCW; he left WCW in ‘95 to return to WWE
  • 1999 to return to WCW; he left WCW in 2001 to return to WWE
  • 2003, where he would work the Independent Circuit and TNA until returning to the WWE in 2005
  • 2006, when he left for Japan and another brief TNA run.

Runnels has been with the company at present since 2008 and featured prominently on ECW and the third season of NXT, where he mentored and almost married Aksana. He’s been out of the ring since a shoulder injury in 2010. Recently he’s appeared outside of his Goldust persona to work angles with Cody Rhodes. Though a feud between the two brothers is hotly anticipated by fans, nothing has come to fruition of it yet.

As Goldust, he’s been known for his racy, rauncy and outlandish antics in the ring. You might also know him from that rather infamous Hollywood Backlot Brawl he had with Rowdy Roddy Piper at Wrestlemania XII.

Again, this is entirely unconfirmed. We’ll update as soon as news becomes available.

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