We hope you enjoyed the ‘Revolution’

Remember that much hyped “Revolution” that was coming tonight on Monday Night Raw? Well, you experienced it: it was the WWE ‘13 cover art reveal.

…no, really. I am 100% serious. That was it. It wasn’t the much anticipated debut of Dean Ambrose (who has already been wrestling at house shows for a couple months), nor was it the call-up of popular Florida Championship Wrestling stable The Ascenion. There was no surprise twist ending similar to the Nexus debut, nor did an old favorite return from injury to catch us by surprise.

No, the much hyped “Revolution” was the reveal that this year’s WWE release, WWE ‘13 would feature current WWE Champion CM Punk on it’s cover art.

Way to be a let down, WWE.

All things being fair, I do dig the cover art. I’m curious if it’s stylized look is a sign that the graphics will take on a similar style, sort of a toned down ape at WWE All-Stars look. Guess you’ll find out soon. Oh, never mind, the game isn’t out for five more months.

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